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Summer Jobs In Malta For Students: Build Your Resume Easily

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Are you looking to make the most of your summer break? Why not consider summer jobs in Malta? Students and young professionals can find a lot of work in Malta. Because it has beautiful beaches, a rich culture, and a busy tourism industry.

You can get a part-time job to make extra money or get useful work experience. It can help you enjoy your summer vacation more.

Moreover, a job in Malta offers more than just work experience. It provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and forge new friendships with people from all walks of life. During your vacation, you can explore Malta's rich history. Also, you can eat wonderful Mediterranean food and admire its stunning scenery.

So, why waste your summer break when you can get work experience? Consider exploring the many part-time job opportunities available in Malta this summer.

Let's begin right away with the information. Luckily, here we’ll explore some of Malta's top summer jobs available for students. We’ll highlight the benefits of each job and provide tips on how to apply and make the most of your experience.

The Benefits Of Summer Jobs In Malta For Students

Working in Malta during the summer benefits people who want to travel and learn about other cultures. This beautiful place in the Mediterranean is a great place to work abroad and make the most of your summer.

Summer Jobs In Malta For Students

1. Work Abroad

If you work in Malta during the summer, you can experience a different way of working and gain important international work experience. Working in a different country allows you to get out of your comfort zone, face new difficulties, and learn to deal with various coworkers. This experience can give you many new skills and make you more flexible in your working life.

2. International Experience

When you work in Malta, you can meet people from many different countries, backgrounds, and points of view. By participating in this international experience, you can learn more about how the world works, improve your ability to work with people from different backgrounds, and build a more well-rounded approach to work. Employers value international experience and can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

3. Cultural Immersion

Malta's long past and lively culture make it a great place to learn about other cultures. You can check out the island's old ruins and visit the museum during your time off from work. Join in traditional celebrations, and try out the local food. Participating in your community can make your life better and help you learn more about variety and multiculturalism.

4. Language Skills Development

Even though many people in Malta speak English, the Maltese language is also important to the island's culture. If you speak multiple languages, you can pick up simple Maltese words and expressions to help you with your language skills. Also, being around foreign workers who speak different languages can help you learn more languages.

5. Networking Opportunities

Working in Malta gives you access to a large network of workers in the country and worldwide. Knowing your coworkers, bosses, and other people in your field can help your job and give you chances to work together. Networking globally gives you a bigger picture and can help you reach your job goals.

In-Demand Job Industries And Summer Work For Students Malta

As students in Malta prepare to enter the workforce, staying informed about the in-demand industries and job roles that present promising opportunities is essential.

Several sectors in Malta have been experiencing significant growth and are continuously seeking talented individuals to meet their expanding needs. Here are some of the key industries and job roles that are currently in high demand for students in Malta:

1. Tourism Industry Jobs

Malta's tourism industry is thriving, offering a range of job opportunities in roles like travel agents, hotel managers, and tour guides. It's a great way to improve communication skills and cultural awareness while meeting people worldwide.

2. Hospitality Sector Positions

As tourism grows in Malta, the hospitality sector ensures tourists have a memorable time there. This business includes cooks, kitchen staff, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, and hotel management. Hospitality can teach students to work together, manage their time, and be flexible. It can also teach them a strong work ethic to help them in many jobs.

3. Customer Service Roles

Customer service jobs are important in many fields in Malta, which makes it a great field for students to look into. From retail stores to call centers, companies look for people with great people skills to answer customer questions, solve problems, and keep customer satisfaction high. Students who work in customer service can improve their speaking skills, learn how to solve problems and develop a strong sense of empathy, which employers highly value.

4. Event Staff Positions

Malta has many events, conferences, and fairs every year. So there is always a need for event staff to ensure everything goes smoothly. Students can work as event organizers, ushers, ticket sellers, or even helpers on-site. Working in the event business allows students to improve their organizational and logistical skills, meet professionals from different areas, and learn how to run successful events from the ground up.

The Top Websites And Resources To Find Summer Jobs Malta 2023

Websites And Resources To Find Summer Jobs Malta

Finding summer jobs in Malta can be an exciting and rewarding experience for students and young job seekers. You can find a variety of jobs in Malta, whether you want to work for a few weeks over the summer or want to gain useful work experience. To help you kickstart your search, we've compiled a list of the top websites and resources where you can find a summer job in Malta:

1. Government Summer Jobs Malta

The government of Malta often runs special programs and projects to help students find summer jobs. These government-funded programs can be a great way to get work experience and make extra money while on break. Keep an eye on official government websites and statements for information about these programs and how to apply.

2. Employment Websites With Summer Job Listings

JobifyMT is a prominent job search platform in Malta. During the summer months, it becomes a hub for seasonal job listings. This website is for students and young people looking for jobs. It has casual jobs in many fields.

Whether you're interested in hospitality, tourism, shopping, or event management, JobifyMT will likely have many summer jobs that match your interests. Also, other websites like JobsPlus and KeepMePosted regularly update their job boards with casual jobs for students and seasonal workers. Check these websites often to see if there are any new possibilities.

3. Social Media

To secure summer jobs in Malta, you must leverage the influence of social media. Many small businesses and companies post job vacancies on their social media pages or relevant groups. You can join job-related Facebook groups or follow your dream company's social media to find summer part-time or weekend jobs.

4. Internship In Malta For International Students

Even though internships aren't technically summer jobs, they can be a great way to gain useful experience and improve your skills over the summer. Many companies offer internships with varied lengths that fit with the summer. Check with local businesses, new businesses, and bigger companies to see if they have internships available.

5. Local Job Fairs and Events

Look for job fairs and other events related to finding work in your area this summer. Many companies looking for seasonal workers come to these events, so it's a great chance to meet people and find possible summer jobs.

Remember, when applying for summer jobs in Malta, you must tailor your applications and resumes to the specific roles. Highlight any relevant skills, experiences, and enthusiasm for the job. Additionally, apply early and follow up on your applications to increase your chances of landing the perfect summer job in Malta.

Tips For Landing Your Ideal Summer Job In Malta: Build Your Resume

You need a well-written resume showing your skills, experiences, and potential to get your dream summer job in Malta. Here are some tips on how to make a resume that stands out:

1. Start Early and Research Thoroughly

Start looking early to find the perfect summer jobs in Malta. Many businesses start hiring for holiday jobs months ahead of time. Use online job portals, career websites, and local classifieds to find out what possibilities are out there. Learn about Malta's different industries and companies that match your skills and hobbies. If you know about the job market and what employers want, you'll have an advantage when you apply for jobs.

2. Polish Your CV and Cover Letter

You need a well-written CV and cover letter to make a good impression on possible employers. You can customize your CV to show relevant work experiences and academic accomplishments. Also, you can add extra skills that would be useful to the business. Keep it short, easy to read, and free of mistakes. You should alter your cover letter for each application to show interest in the position and that your talents meet their needs.

3. Showcase Language Skills

Maltese and English are both official languages in the country of Malta. If you can speak both languages well, put that on your CV and bring it up in interviews. Language skills are important in many fields, especially tourism, hospitality, and language schools.

4. Network and Use Personal Connections

Networking can have a big effect on how well you find a job. Talk to friends, family, and others you know who might know someone in Malta. Sometimes, personal referrals can lead to job opportunities not found through public postings.

5. Be Flexible and Open-Minded

Even if you have a certain job or industry in mind, being flexible and willing to try new things can give you more choices. Seasonal work in Malta can be found in various fields, such as tourism, retail, and water sports. Think about how each job fits your goals and what skills you can learn from different jobs.

6. Prepare for Interviews

If you are asked to come in for an interview, ensure you are ready. Find out about the company, what it stands for, and what it has done recently. Practice answering common interview questions and be ready to show how enthusiastic you are, how well you can change, and how willing you are to help the team. Also, learn about Maltese work culture and etiquette to understand other cultures.

7. Obtain Necessary Work Permits

As a non-Maltese student looking for a summer job in Malta, knowing how to get a work pass is important. Some countries have special rules about visas or student work permits, so ensure you have the proper paperwork to work properly there.

8. Follow Up with Employers

Remember to follow up with companies after applying or being interviewed. A timely and polite follow-up email can make a positive impression and show your unwavering interest and commitment to getting the job. Don't miss this opportunity to set yourself apart from the other candidates. Take action and follow up now.

9. Achievements

Include any notable achievements, awards, or recognition related to your previous work, education, or extracurricular activities in a separate section.

10. Online Presence

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a portfolio website that shows off your work and projects, include a link to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Many Summer Job Opportunities Available in Malta for Students?

Yes, students can find summer jobs in many fields, such as tourism, hospitality, shopping, and event management.

2. Can Non-EU Students Apply for Summer Jobs in Malta?

Yes, non-EU students may apply for a summer job in Malta, but they must ensure they have the necessary work permits and comply with immigration regulations.

4. How Can Students Find Summer Jobs in Malta Before Arriving There?

Before they get to Malta, students can look for summer jobs through online job boards, recruitment firms, social media, and networking.

5. How Much Can a Student Earn In Malta?

Foreign students in Malta can work up to 20 hours a week but must dedicate at least 15 hours to their studies. As a foreign student working part-time, you can expect to earn an average of 8 to 12 euros per hour. Follow regulations to avoid legal consequences.

6. Can Students Work Full-Time in Malta During the Summer?

A student must enroll in at least 15 credit hours to be eligible for employment while attending school. The maximum number of weekly work hours permitted is 20. It is important to note that the job or work permit will expire simultaneously with the student's visa.

In Conclusion

Finally, you know that summer jobs in Malta provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience and build their resumes. Students can learn new skills, improve their communication and teamwork skills, and show possible employers how hard they work by getting a summer job.

Moreover, part-time jobs in Malta allow you to learn about a new country, make new friends, and see the world from a different point of view.

So, students can use these experiences to stand out in a competitive job market and build a great career. Take advantage of the chance to work and learn in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Don’t be late. Start planning for your dream summer today by checking out the JobifyMT website.


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