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Exploring The Thriving Industry Of Packing Jobs In Malta

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Malta is a beautiful island country in the Mediterranean. It has beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural history, and its job market is growing and full of unique chances. In the last few years, one business that has grown a lot is the packing industry.

This article details packing jobs in Malta, including how much money you can expect to make and what kinds of jobs are available. Also, how Maltese people and people from other countries can start successful careers.

Let’s jump into the details.

The Growing Demand For Packing Jobs In Malta

Malta's manufacturing industry has been growing as more companies set up factories on the island. Because of this, there is a bigger need for people who can pack and ship goods. The need for skilled packers has been gradually growing in the food and drink, pharmaceutical, and other fields.

Furthermore, Malta's location and transportation links make it a perfect destination for logistics and delivery activities. It is a hub for goods coming in or going out of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As a result, there is a growing demand for skilled and efficient packers who can handle the increasing number of packages.

Packing Jobs In Malta

Benefits Of Working In The Packing Industry

Working in the packing industry in Malta offers several advantages. Here are some key benefits:

1. Job Stability: As the need for packers grows, there are many job opportunities in Malta's packing business. This provides job security and stability for individuals working in this field.

2. Skill Development: Packing jobs requires attention to detail, organizational skills, and efficiency. By working in this field, people can improve their skills and abilities, making them more valuable in the job market.

3. Competitive Salaries: The packing industry in Malta offers competitive wages to attract skilled and reliable workers. This means that people working in this field can make enough money to live and care for their financial needs.

4. Career Advancement: Starting as a packer can be an excellent way to move up in the manufacturing and transportation industries. If you put in the effort and show dedication, you can rise to a supervisory or management position, paving the way for increased career options.

5. Work-Life Balance: Packing jobs often follow regular working hours, providing employees a better work-life balance. This allows individuals to allocate time for personal activities and commitments outside of work.

Note: If you are considering a career in Malta's packing industry, explore the available job opportunities on JobifyMT.

Types of Packing Jobs In Malta

A. Description of Different Packing Roles

1. Factory Helper Jobs in Malta: Factory helpers play a crucial role in the production process by assisting with packing, labeling, and quality control. They ensure that prepared and packaged products are efficient before distribution.

2. Food Packing Jobs Malta: The food industry is a significant employer in Malta. Food packing jobs involve packaging perishable and non-perishable goods.

3. Unskilled Jobs in Malta: Packing jobs usually require something other than specific skills or knowledge, so people without special skills can do them.

B. Industries Offering Packing Positions

1. Factory Jobs in Malta: Factories in Malta employ workers in various packing jobs, ranging from simple tasks like packing to more complex ones like quality control.

2. Supermarket Jobs in Malta: Supermarkets and retail stores employ packers to organize and display products on shelves. Also, handle the packaging of fresh produce and other items.

3. Immediate jobs in Malta: We’ll share common immediate job Roles in Malta for the following:

  • Retail Sales Assistant: These positions involve assisting customers, operating cash registers, and maintaining store displays.

  • Hospitality Staff: Immediate roles in the hospitality sector may include waitstaff, kitchen helpers, and housekeeping personnel.

  • Construction Laborers: To finish projects on time, construction companies often need people like general construction workers, painters, and masons.

Requirements For Packing Jobs In Malta

There are certain requirements that applicants must meet to get packing jobs in Malta. These standards ensure people have the skills and qualifications they need to do a good job. Depending on the job and company, you may also need to be able to speak another language. Here are the most important things to consider when looking for packing jobs.

1. Skills And Qualifications

Skills: For packing jobs, you must pay close attention to details, have good hand-eye coordination, and work quickly and efficiently. Assembling, sealing, labeling, and inspecting goods may be part of packing jobs, so precision and accuracy are important skills. Prior experience packing or in a similar job may be helpful, but some employers may teach candidates about the job.

Qualifications: Employers may have different requirements, but most moving jobs don't require more than a high school diploma or the equivalent. Appropriate certifications or job training in inventory management, logistics, or supply chain could be helpful.

2. Language Proficiency Requirements

Depending on the company and the type of packing job, you may need to speak more than one language. Maltese and English are the official languages in Malta. So, speaking both languages well is often a plus. English is used a lot in business and trade in Malta. So fluency is essential. However, knowing other languages could be helpful for some packing jobs that serve specific markets or customers.

Top Companies Offering Packing Jobs In Malta

You can find them at many top companies if you're looking for packing jobs. These companies offer a wide range of jobs in logistics and packing.

Let's look at a few of them:

Company A

Company A Overview: Company A is a leading logistics company in Malta specializing in packaging and distribution. They have a wide range of clients and offer diverse packing job opportunities. Company A's focus on efficiency and quality ensures its employees have the necessary training and tools to excel in their roles.

Job Opportunities: Some job opportunities at Company A include packaging technician, warehouse associate, and logistics coordinator. They offer competitive salaries and a supportive work environment.

Company B

Overview: Company B is a global online business based in Malta. They have a division just for packaging, which is in charge of shipping and packaging their goods. Company B encourages innovation and gives its workers a dynamic place to work.

Job Opportunities: At Company B, you can find positions such as packaging specialist, fulfillment associate, and shipping coordinator. They offer attractive benefits packages and opportunities for career growth.

Company C

Overview: Company C is a leading Malta manufacturing company specializing in various industries, including packaging. They have a state-of-the-art facility and provide comprehensive packaging solutions to their clients.

Job Opportunities: Company C has many jobs that have to do with packing, such as operating a packaging machine, checking for quality control, and being in charge of packing. They care about their employees' growth and allow them to learn more.

When considering packing jobs in Malta, it's important to research and evaluate the different companies and their job opportunities. Here's a table to help you compare:



Job Opportunities

Company A

Leading logistic company specializing in packaging and distribution.

Packaging technician, warehouse associate, logistics coordinator.

Company B

Global e-commerce company with a dedicated packaging division.

Packaging specialist, fulfillment associate, and shipping coordinator.

Company C

Leading manufacturing company specializing in packaging.

Packaging machine operator, quality control inspector, packaging supervisor.

Tailor your application and highlight relevant skills and experience when applying to these companies.

Packing Jobs In Malta For Foreigners

Malta's important location in the European Union makes it a good place for people from other countries to look for work. Even though speaking English and Maltese is helpful, many jobs in Malta that involve packing do not require literacy. Foreigners can follow job search strategies like locals, including online platforms, networking, and referrals.

Malta Packing Jobs Salary and Additional Benefits

When looking at packing jobs in Malta, it's important to know how much they pay and what other perks they offer. Here is a breakdown of the normal pay range and perks for packing jobs.

Average Salary Range

In Malta, the average pay for packing jobs depends on your experience, qualifications, and the company you work for. The average salary range for packing jobs is between €9,000 and €15,000 per year. But it's important to remember that these numbers can change, and some jobs may pay more based on how complex the packing tasks are and what industry you work in.

Additional Benefits and Perks

In Malta, packing jobs often come with extra benefits and perks on top of the pay. These can include:

Paid vacation time: In Malta, many employers offer paid vacation, so you can take time off and relax while still getting your usual pay.

Health insurance: Some companies provide coverage, ensuring you can access medical care when needed.

Training and development opportunities: Many employers invest in their workers' professional growth by allowing them to learn and grow.

Flexible working hours: Depending on the company and the job, you can pick the work hours to fit your schedule.

Team-building activities: Some companies organize social events to promote a positive work environment.

Note: Whether starting your career or looking for a new opportunity, packing jobs in Malta can offer a rewarding experience.

Job Responsibilities In Packing Jobs

When people work as packers, they must handle several important tasks. These jobs ensure that goods are sorted, packed, and kept in the best way possible. Here are some of the most important jobs for packing:

1. Packing and Sorting Products

The primary responsibility of a packing job is to pack products according to specific instructions. This includes selecting the appropriate packaging materials, sealing packages, and organizing them for transportation. Also, packing professionals must sort products based on size, type, or destination.

2. Maintaining Inventory and Quality Control

Packing professionals are responsible for keeping track of inventory levels. They must perform quality control checks to ensure that products meet the required standards and are free from defects or damages. This may involve inspecting products, checking for missing items, and reporting any issues to the supervisor.

Here's a table summarizing the key responsibilities in packing jobs:



Packing and Sorting

Packing products and sorting them accurately

Maintaining Inventory

Keeping track of inventory levels

Quality Control

Ensuring products meet quality standards

Note: For packing jobs, you need to pay attention to details, be organized, and be able to work quickly.

How To Apply For Packing Jobs In Malta?

Are you looking for opportunities in the packing industry in Malta? This section will guide you through how you can apply for packing jobs in Malta.

1. Online Job Portals

Online job portals are one of the most convenient ways to find packing jobs in Malta. Websites like JobifyMT, MaltaPark and Keepmeposted regularly advertise packing job vacancies. These platforms allow you to filter your search based on location, industry, and experience level.

Simply create an account, upload your resume, and browse the listings for a suitable packing job.

2. Contacting Companies Directly

Another effective method to find packing jobs in Malta is by contacting companies directly. Research companies in the packing industry and contact them via email or phone to inquire about any job openings.

Preparing a professional resume and cover letter to showcase your skills and interest in the industry is important. This shows potential companies that you are proactive and determined to find a packing job in Malta.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Malta offers job seekers many employment opportunities in the packing industry. With the country's flourishing tourism and export sectors, there is a consistent demand for skilled packers to ensure efficient packaging and transportation.

To secure a packing job in Malta, it's essential to showcase your attention to detail, ability to work under pressure, and willingness to learn and adapt.

Remember the tips mentioned earlier, such as tailoring your resume, preparing for the interview, and showcasing your teamwork skills.

Following these guidelines will increase your chances of landing a successful and fulfilling packing job in Malta. For your next moving job, be sure to check out JobifyMT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are immediate jobs in Malta only temporary or seasonal positions?

A: Some jobs in Malta are temporary or seasonal, but not all. Immediate jobs can be short or long-term. Whether a job is temporary or permanent depends on its nature and industry.

Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement in the packing industry in Malta?

A: Yes, there are career advancement opportunities in Malta's packing industry. With dedication, experience, and learning new skills, people can move up to supervisory or managerial positions in the packing industry or related areas. These jobs have more responsibility and pay more.

Q: Is there a high demand for packing jobs in Malta, and why?

A: Yes, there is a significant demand for packing jobs. The country's growing economy primarily drives this demand. As a result, businesses across multiple industries require skilled packers to meet these demands efficiently.


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