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Explore Remote Working Jobs Malta: Your Key to Flexibility

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Remote working has become more popular worldwide in recent years. It allows people to work from their homes or other places they choose.

Malta, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, has also joined the trend of people working from home.

Today, this article will discuss the experience of remote working jobs Malta, its advantages, and ways to obtain part-time remote jobs.

Also, we’ll cover work-from-home policies, hybrid job options, how you can work remotely from home in Malta, and the impact on Remote Jobs worldwide.

Let’s get started.

Advantages Of Remote Working In Malta

Remote working jobs Malta has several advantages. This makes it an appealing option for professionals. Here are some key benefits:

1. Flexibility: Remote working gives individuals more control over their work-life balance. They can choose when and where they work.

2. Cost Savings: By working remotely, individuals can save money on commuting expenses, such as transportation and parking fees. They can also save on lunch and coffee expenses and prepare meals at home.

3. Improved Productivity: Many individuals find they are more productive when working remotely. They can focus and work faster with fewer distractions and a customized work environment.

4. Increased Job Opportunities: Working from home opens up job possibilities. That would not be possible in a traditional office. People can work for companies in different countries.

Overview Of The Job Market In Malta

Malta offers a diverse job market that caters to various industries. Here are some key points about the job market in Malta:

1. Remote-Friendly Industries: Malta has a thriving financial services sector, as well as a significant presence in the gaming, technology, and iGaming industries. These sectors often provide remote working opportunities.

2. Language Requirements: English is the official language in Malta. Professionals who speak English and Maltese have an advantage in certain remote job opportunities.

3. Supportive Infrastructure: Malta offers excellent internet connectivity and modern infrastructure.

4. Networking Opportunities: Malta has a vibrant professional community that organizes networking events, conferences, and meetups.

remote customer service jobs malta

Top Remote Job Sectors In Malta

Whether you're a digital nomad or looking for a better work-life balance, Malta offers a range of remote job opportunities in various sectors. Here are two of Malta's top remote job sectors you might want to explore.

1. IT and Technology Remote Jobs in Malta

IT and technology: Malta's IT and tech industry is doing very well. Home-based software, web, hacking, and data analysis expertise are in high demand. Companies in Malta are actively looking for IT workers who can work from home. You can get competitive salaries and chances to move up in your career.

2. Digital Marketing and Content Creation Remote Jobs in Malta

Digital marketing and content creation: Digital marketing and internet businesses are expanding. Experts in remote social media, content, and SEO are in high demand. Companies in Malta require remote content developers, social media managers, and SEO professionals.

To give you a better idea of the remote job sectors in Malta, here's a table highlighting some key details:

Remote Job Sector

IT and Technology in Malta

Digital Marketing and Content Creation in Malta

Popular Job Roles

Software Development, Web Development, Cybersecurity, Data Analysis

Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, SEO Specialist

Skills and Qualifications

Programming languages, Software development frameworks, Network Security, Data analysis and visualization

Marketing strategies, Social media management, Content creation, SEO techniques

Job Opportunities

Remote IT roles in software development companies, cybersecurity firms, and data-driven organizations

Remote positions in digital marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and content creation companies


Competitive salaries, Career growth opportunities, Work flexibility, Access to cutting-edge technology

Creative freedom, Opportunities to work with diverse clients, Flexible schedules, Chance to stay updated with digital marketing trends

Whether you have a background in IT and technology or digital marketing and content creation skills, remote working jobs Malta offer many opportunities.

Other Remote Job Sectors In Malta

There are many emerging remote job opportunities in Malta and established ones, such as technology and digital marketing. But here are some potential remote job sectors in Malta:

1. Exploring Remote Customer Service Jobs Malta

Customer service jobs are an excellent option for people in Malta who prefer working from home. Companies across various industries require customer service representatives who can effectively communicate remotely with clients. The best part about these jobs is that they offer both part-time and full-time opportunities, depending on your requirements.

2. Hybrid Jobs Malta

Mixed jobs have become a highly sought-after alternative for professionals seeking a balance in their work life. In Malta, these jobs provide the best of both worlds by offering the flexibility to work from home or the office. This enables individuals to stay connected with their colleagues and workplace while enjoying the benefits of remote work.

3. Travel and Tourism

In this industry, you could work from home by writing about travel, being a tour guide, planning trips, or helping customers with travel-related businesses.

4. Real Estate

Real estate experts who work from home can help with property management, sales, marketing, and more.

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Remote Job Platforms And Websites In Malta

Are you looking for remote working jobs in Malta? Some platforms and websites can help you find remote job opportunities in Malta. Here are some of the best platforms to check out:

1. is a popular platform that connects job seekers with remote job opportunities. They have many job categories, including IT, customer support, marketing, and more. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to search for jobs and apply directly through the platform.

2. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is another great platform for finding remote jobs in Europe. They focus on remote jobs in the tech industry, including programming, design, and project management. We Work Remotely is a site many professionals utilize to find remote jobs. It is easy to use and has a lot of job listings.

3. Malta Remote Jobs

Malta Remote Jobs is a specialized platform. They list remote job opportunities in Malta. It's a dedicated resource for individuals looking to work remotely while enjoying the benefits of living in Malta.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a well-known professional networking platform offering many remote job listings. You can find remote jobs in Malta by using the platform's job search tool and putting Malta as your location. You can also improve your chances of finding remote work in Malta by connecting with people in your field.

5. is a platform that focuses on remote work opportunities offered by companies across the globe. Even if it doesn't offer jobs in Malta, it's a good place to look if you're open to working from home for international companies.

Note: To improve your chances of getting a remote job, personalize your applications and highlight relevant skills and experience.

Remote Working Policy Malta: Visa And Legal Requirements

If you're considering remote working jobs Malta, it's essential to understand the visa options and legal obligations involved. Here, we'll talk about the choices for remote work visas and the legal requirements for people who work from home in Malta.

1. Visa Options for Remote Workers in Malta

Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit: The Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit is a visa option designed for remote workers. It allows non-European Union citizens to reside and work remotely in Malta. You must have a stable income and a valid travel document to be eligible.

EU Blue Card: If you are a highly skilled professional earning a high salary, you may be eligible for an EU Blue Card. This card allows you to work and live in Malta and enjoy the benefits of the European Union. You must have a job offer or a binding employment contract with a Maltese employer to qualify.

2. Legal Obligations for Remote Workers in Malta

Income Tax: If you choose to work remotely in Malta, you will be subject to Maltese income tax laws. It is very important to know the tax rates and any applicable discounts or exemptions.

Social Security Contributions: As a remote worker in Malta, you may be required to make social security contributions. The contributions provide you with social security benefits, including healthcare and pension.

Residence Requirements: To legally reside and work remotely in Malta, you must meet all the residence requirements. It includes registering with the authorities and obtaining the necessary permits or cards.

Employment Laws: Even though you work remotely, you are still subject to Maltese employment laws regarding working hours, leave entitlements, and other employment rights.

Here's a table summarizing the visa options and legal obligations for remote workers in Malta:

Visa Options

Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit

EU Blue Card

Eligibility Criteria

Non-EU citizens with stable income

Highly skilled professionals with a job offer or employment contract with a Maltese employer


Up to one year


Income Tax

Subject to Maltese income tax laws

Subject to Maltese income tax laws

Social Security

May be required to make contributions

May be required to make contributions

Residence Requirements

Register with authorities, obtain permits/cards

Register with authorities, obtain permits/cards

Employment Laws

Subject to Maltese employment laws

Subject to Maltese employment laws

Note: It is best to consult visa and tax experts to ensure you meet all the requirements and responsibilities.

Cost Of Living And Lifestyle In Malta For Remote Workers

Malta offers a pleasant way of life and a reasonable cost of living. That makes it an ideal destination for those seeking remote work opportunities.

1. Overview of the Cost of Living in Malta

Malta offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to many other European countries. While costs can vary depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Here is a breakdown of some common expenses:

Accommodation: A one-bedroom flat in a famous part of Malta, like Sliema or St. Julian's, can cost between €800 and €1,500 per month to rent. It's also important to note that co-living places and shared housing are becoming increasingly popular among remote workers in Malta.

Transportation: A monthly pass for public transport in Malta costs about €26 and is easy to use. Also, many people who work from home prefer electric scooters or bikes for their daily commute.

Food and Groceries: A normal meal out in Malta costs between €10 and €25 per person, while a meal at a high-end restaurant can cost between €40 and €60 per person. If you prefer to cook at home, one person's weekly food can cost between €40 and €60.

Entertainment and Leisure: Many of Malta's beautiful beaches and outdoor sports are free or cost a small amount. But if you want to check out the lively nightlife or visit historical places, you can pay anywhere from €5 to €20 for tickets and entrance fees.

2. Quality of Life Factors for Remote Workers in Malta

Malta is a good place for remote workers to live because it has a low cost of living and a high standard of living. Here are some factors to consider:

Safety: Malta has one of the lowest crime rates in the European Union, providing a safe and secure environment for remote workers and their families.

Healthcare: Malta's public and private healthcare systems are known for being good quality. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) helps people who live in the European Union get the necessary medical care.

Internet Connectivity: Malta has a reliable and fast internet connection. It is essential for remote workers to rely on stable internet.

Cultural Experience: Malta's rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes make it a great place to learn about and relax. Malta is full of things to see and do, from UNESCO World Heritage places to lively festivals.

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Remote Working Communities and Co-Working Spaces in Malta

Whether you are a freelancer, a startup founder, or a worker working from home, Malta has many ways to meet other pros and find a workplace.

Networking Opportunities for Remote Workers in Malta

Malta is home to several remote working communities where workers from different fields can meet and work together. These groups put on events, workshops, and social meetings so that people who work from home can meet and share ideas. Malta Digital Nomads organize remote worker gatherings and networking activities.

These events help workers grow their professional networks and give them a place to work together and share information.

Popular Co-working Spaces in Malta

Modern co-working spaces are available in Malta for professionals who work from home and prefer their rooms. For successful work, these places have fast internet, comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, and places to hang out. Some of the most popular co-working spaces in Malta include:

1. Hive Malta: Hive Malta is a co-working spot in the heart of Valletta that gives remote workers a lively and inspiring workplace. Hive Malta also has many events and classes for professionals to meet and connect.

2. Atlas Hub: Atlas Hub is a modern co-working place in St. Julian's that is made to meet the needs of remote workers. The space has private offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, printing tools, and a fully stocked kitchen, among other things.

3. The Alley: The Alley is a cool co-working spot in Gzira that allows remote workers to work comfortably and with others. The space offers a variety of membership choices, such as dedicated desks, hot desks, and private offices.

4. Clubhouse Malta: Clubhouse Malta is a co-working place for digital nomads in Sliema. There are different ways to join the place, such as with a hot desk, a dedicated desk, or a private office suite.

How Can You Work Remotely From Home In Malta?

The possibility of remote work in Malta offers fascinating professional flexibility and personal growth. To successfully secure a remote job in this Mediterranean paradise, follow these strategic steps:

1. Polish Your Remote-Friendly Resume and Cover Letter: Create a compelling resume showing your abilities, qualifications, and remote work experience. Emphasize your remote work, time management, and communication skills. For each application, tailor your cover letter to the company's demands and show interest.

2. Showcase Your Digital Proficiency: Digital skills are often needed for jobs where you work from home. Show how well you know the tools, apps, and online platforms for working together. Having certifications or training that show off your technology skills is a plus in remote work.

3. Network in Virtual Spaces: Join online organizations, forums, and social media groups discussing working from home or finding jobs in Malta. Virtual networking can lead to useful relationships, job leads, and information about the job market in your area.

4. Tailor Your Job Search: Use job search engines and online platforms to find remote working opportunities in Malta. Filter your search using keywords like "part-time remote jobs Malta", "telecommute jobs Malta" or “online jobs Malta” to narrow down relevant listings.

5. Research Prospective Employers: Thoroughly research companies offering remote working jobs Malta. Understand their culture, values, and expectations for remote employees.

6. Prepare for Virtual Interviews: Remote job interviews are virtual. Learn video conferencing technologies, test your internet connection, and set a professional scene. Answer common interview questions and show your excitement for remote work and the job.

7. Highlight Soft Skills: Communication, time management, and self-discipline are essential for remote work. Give instances of how you've used these talents in remote or independent work during interviews and in your application materials.

8. Provide References and Portfolio Samples: Include references who can vouch for your remote work skills and reliability. If applicable, share a portfolio of your past remote work projects or accomplishments to demonstrate your capabilities.

Malta's Impact on Remote Jobs Worldwide

When searching for international remote jobs, professionals are no longer limited by geographical constraints. Malta is contributing to the growth of remote work by attracting professionals from all over the world to work from its shores. This evolution has given rise to a global workforce that collaborates seamlessly from different corners of the world.

FAQS About Remote Working Jobs Malta

1. How does Malta support remote work?

Malta has made a policy about working from home that gives employers and workers rules to follow. The government's digital infrastructure and programs make working from home easier and create a setting where flexible work arrangements can thrive.

2. Can I work both remotely and in person in Malta?

Yes, Malta offers hybrid job options allowing you to work remotely and in person. This flexibility enables you to maintain connections with your workplace while enjoying the benefits of remote work.

3. How can I find part-time remote jobs in customer service in Malta?

You can explore online job platforms, company websites, and job boards to find part-time remote customer service jobs in Malta.

Sum Up

Finally, remote working jobs Malta offer many opportunities for individuals looking for flexibility and work-life balance. The digital age has enabled professionals to work from home, so standard offices are no longer needed.

With the right attitude and way of thinking, working from home in Malta can be a very rewarding and satisfying career choice. Considering the benefits and tips listed above, people can reach their full potential and do well on their journey to work from home.

So, remote jobs in Malta may be the best choice if you are a freelancer, a digital nomad, or someone who wants a better mix between work and life.

Accept the change, look into the options, and start a happy journey of working from home in beautiful Malta. Also, don't forget to check out JobifyMT when looking for a job.


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